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The Bay of Somme

The estuary of the Somme surprised by its size: about 70 km². The Baie de Somme is fifteen kilometers deep and 5 km wide, from the tip of Hourdel to Le Crotoy. His mesmerizing lights have inspired many writers and painters: Delacroix, Degas, Corot, Colette, Jules Verne, Victor Hugo, Alfred Manessier and many others ...

The Cathedral of Amiens

Largest gothic cathedral in France, Notre Dame d'Amiens is often considered one of the masterpieces of architecture of the Middle Ages. This is one of the largest Gothic churches of the thirteenth century.

The Caves of Naours

In Naours, the bottom of the Hill Guest, wearing wind, a single door between two worlds. In the open air, the village visible through the trees and hidden from view: CITY UNDERGROUND who has the palm strange. On your turn do not miss to explore this mysterious world that will revive before your eyes time to a tour ... so Go through the door, you will not believe your eyes, the world of the surface to the depths thirty steps separated into two levels, you will perform a 900m course safely.

Grand Place Arras

Two magnificent squares dominate the heart of Arras. The Grand 'Place is next to the Heroes' Square, where the headquarters of Arras Belfry World Heritage of UNESCO world ...Between them the squares represent 17,000 square meters of historic cobblestones and were originally designed to accommodate large markets. These places, unique in their kind, are from the Flemish baroque style.

The Museum shelters

The museum Somme 1916, located in an ancient underground, 10m underground in a gallery 250 meters long, traces the life of the soldiers in the trenches during the offensive of 1 July 1916. The interior showcases exhibit objects, equipment and period weapons.

The Thiepval Memorial

Thiepval was one of the main theaters of the Battle of the Somme, whose human losses were considerable. In 1932, the Memorial was opened to commemorate the loss of more than 73,367 missing British and South African soldiers unburied. He now represents the largest British memorial in the world where more than 160 000 visitors gather here every year.